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Prof. Edgar Cahn Quoted in The Homer News on TimeBanks

Thursday, April 5, 2012   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Max Rodriguez
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Professor Edgar Cahn, a Distinguished Professor of Law and founder of TimeBanks, is quoted in The Homer News discussing time banks.

From The Homer News: "Law Professor Edgar Cahn developed the time banking concept and has written several books on the idea. In a 2008 interview available on the AHA! website, Cahn discussed his time banking theory of exchanging services without assessing a cash value. Price, he said, rises with scarcity.

Edgar Cahn

"That means we devalue what is universal, what defines us as human beings, our ability to care for each other, to rescue each other, to help each other," he said. "So this is an attempt to say that my hour equals your hour whether you're a doctor, surgeon, lawyer, plumber or whatever. It starts from the premise that all human beings have something very special to contribute and that there is a world of value other than market price. So I give an hour, I get an hour."

Cahn calls this "economy of family, neighborhood, kith and kin," the "Core Economy," that part of the total economy "not measured by traditional indicators." Cahn suggests that when functioning properly, this core actually undergirds the market economy, which is not healthy without it. Time banking reinforces the core economy by drawing upon its person-to-person strengths."

Read more in The Homer News, "Time banking: Rethinking community's cash-based economy"

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