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Transfer Student Applicants

Students who have completed one year of study and are in good academic standing at an ABA-accredited law school may apply to transfer to UDC-DCSL in either the Fall or Spring term. The School of Law will consider accepting up to 30 credits for transfer.

Transfer Application

The transfer application deadline is June 30th for Fall enrollment or December 15th for Spring enrollment.

Transfer candidates must submit:

  • a UDC-DCSL Transfer Application, which is available through LSAC;
  • a Law School Report from LSAC (UDC-DCSL's LSAC law school code is 5245);
  • an official transcript of law school work completed;
  • a recommendation from a law school faculty member;
  • a statement of good academic standing from the appropriate law school official; and
  • an essay stating the candidate's reason for wishing to transfer to UDC-DCSL.

Transferring Credits Earned Prior to Admission

Students who transfer from another law school to UDC-DCSL must submit, during or before their acceptance of admission, official transcripts to the Office of Admission. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will analyze the transcripts and decide which credits to accept. The Office of Admission will notify students in writing of the transferable credits.

A maximum of thirty (30) credits earned prior to admission may be applied toward the satisfaction of UDC-DCSL's graduation requirements, subject to the Associate Dean's approval and the following conditions:

  1. The school from which a student is transferring must be an ABA accredited law school or a non-ABA approved law school if it has been granted the power to confer the J.D. degree by the appropriate governmental authority or its graduates are permitted to sit for the bar examination in that jurisdiction and the contents of the courses meet UDC-DCSL requirements;
  2. The student must be in good academic standing at that school;
  3. The student must have achieved a grade of "C" or better in the course; and
  4. If UDC-DCSL offers the course, the number of credits transferred will be equal either to the credits earned in the course at the other school or at UDC-DCSL, whichever is lower.

A transfer student is subject to the same graduation, honors, and residency requirements as any other matriculated UDC-DCSL student.

Transferred credits are treated the same as a "Pass." They count toward the student's credit requirements, but the grade is not included in the calculation of the student's UDC-DCSL cumulative grade-point average (CGPA).

Students already admitted to UDC-DCSL who wish to earn credits at other ABA accredited institutions should consult Section 3.10.2 of the Student Handbook Vol. 1.



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