Pathways to Practice

Charting a Course from Law School to the Practice of Law

Your legal career at UDC-DCSL begins with a program of required courses that form the foundation of a well-rounded legal education. Once you have finished those required courses, you have 24 credit hours with which to take core courses and electives that will lead you toward a career in the law.

We offer Pathways to help you choose core courses, electives, clinics and other experiential learning opportunities that connect with specific areas of study and career paths. They will help you develop an individualized program of study that leads in the direction of your specific career goals.

By following a Pathway, you will build a body of knowledge, skills and experience that will prepare you for practice in your chosen field. You will also build a network of like-minded colleagues, faculty advisors, alumni and prospective employers to help you make the transition from law school to practice.

You may begin your Pathway in your first year of law school by choosing a community service placement in your field. In the summer following your first year, you may choose to take one of the recommended electives, or to obtain a Summer Public Interest Fellowship in your field. When it comes time to choose a clinic preference, the Pathways will guide you toward the clinics that will best prepare you for your chosen field. You may also choose elective seminars that permit you to satisfy the Upper Level Writing Requirement by writing a scholarly paper relevant to your field.

The Curriculum Guide that follows leads you through each of the Pathways. Just click on the link to choose one that interests you.