Family & Juvenile Law Pathway


The Family & Juvenile Law Pathway is designed as a guided curriculum that will help students develop the skill set necessary to work or practice law in the family law and/or juvenile law community. Family and juvenile law attorneys serve clients in a broad array of legal areas, such as divorce, child custody, child abuse and neglect, domestic and international adoption, domestic violence and child support; therefore, in addition to developing basic knowledge of family law, students must learn a variety of ancillary subjects, such as bankruptcy, tax and others listed in this Pathway. By following this Pathway, students will hone core legal analysis, research and writing and trial skills.

Faculty Advisors

Professors LaShanda Adams, Matthew Fraidin and Joseph Tulman


Community Service/Summer Fellowships/Internships

UDC-DCSL has extensive connections with non-profit organizations and governmental agencies in the DC metropolitan region that provide students with the opportunity to spend a semester actually working in their chosen fields. The following are some examples of relevant placements students have obtained with outside organizations and agencies: