Rev. January 14, 2013

Spring 2013 Book List: Full-time & Part-Time Classes

No. Sec. Course Title Prof. Author Title ISBN Ed. Pub. PSRP*
233 A Adv. Criminal Procedure Ferguson Haddad, Marsh, Zagel, Meyer, Starkman, Bauer, Thomson  Criminal Procedure 9781599412504 7th West  
406 A Adv. Legal Research Frazer Kent Olson Olson’s Principles of Legal Research 9780314211927 2009 Thompson Reuters $48.00
207 A Business Organizations II Rogers Melvin Aron Eisenberg, James D. Cox Corporations and Other Business Organizations 9781599414638 10th Concise Foundation $168.00
906/ 956 A Clinic: Community Development Howells, Mawakana, Morin Susan D. Bennett, Brenda Bratton Blom, Louise A. Howells, Deborah S. Kenn Community Economic Development: A Text for Engaged Leaning 9781594608186 1st Carolina Academic Press $60.00
903/ 953 A Clinic: Government Accountability Condit   TBA        
904/ 954 A Clinic: HIV/AIDS Clinic Taylor . Materials will be provided. . . .  .
950 A Clinic: Housing Clinic Allen   TBA        
910/ 912 A Clinic: Immigration & Human Rights K. Campbell Boswell Essentials of Immigration Law 3rd AILA
Chavkin Clinical Legal Education: A Textbook for Law School Clinical Programs 9781422407257 2002 LexisNexis $49.00
Aleinikoff et al. Immigration and Nationality Laws of the United States: Selected Statutes, Regulations and Forms 2012 West  
902/952 A Clinic: Juvenile & Special Education Law Tulman, Banner, Kasarabada, McGee Colker & Waterstone Special Education Advocacy 9781422479582 2011 LexisNexis $68.00
905/ 955 A Clinic: Legislation Burgdorf   TBA        
210A A Commercial Law (UCC) Mercer

Douglas J. Whaley , Stephen M. McJohn 

Problems and Materials on Commercial Law (Also a comprehensive commercial law supplement current for 2012 (Ex: ISBN 9781454811060)


205 A Con. Law II Waysdorf Daniel A. Farber, William N. Eskridge, Jr., and Philip P. Frickey Cases and Materials on Constitutional Law: Themes for the Constitution's Third Century 9780314184450 4th West $191.00
Cases and Mateirals on Constitutional law: Themes forthe Constitution's Third Century 9780314281517 2012 West  
B Mack Choper, Fallon, etc Leading cases in Constitutional Law  9780314281180  2012  West  
219 A Conflict of Laws McLain Currie, Kay, Kramer & Roosevelt Conflict Of Laws 9780314163899 7th West $176.00
600 A Internship Program Robinson, Bauman J.P. Ogilvy, Leah Wortham, and Lisa Lerman Learning from Practice: A Professional Development text for Legal Externs 9780314152848 2nd West  
234A A International Human Rights Brittain Louis Henkin, Cleveland, Helfer, Neuman, Orentlicher Henkin, Cleveland, Helfer, Neuman, and Orentlicher's Human Rights 9781599412610  2nd  West  $210.00 
223 A Immigration Law Isgro Aleinikoff et al Immigration and Citizenship, Process & Policy   7th West  
259A A Katrina & Beyond Waysdorf Materials will be provided
111 A Legal Reasoning I Keller Robin Wellford Slocum Writing and Other Lawyering Skills 9781422481561 3rd 2011 LexisNexis $72
B Terzano            
225 A Labor Law Lieberman Dau-Schmidt, Malin, Corrada, Cameron, Fisk

Labor Law in the Contemporary Workplace
(You may also download the 2012 UPDATE (pdf) for free.)

9780314166777   West $194.00
Stat. Supplement 9780314166784   West $37.00
342 A Legal & Bar Success Foundations TBA   TBA        
242 A Mass Communications Seminar Reuben-Cooke   TBA        
450 B Moot Court Houston et al. Ross Guberman Point Made: How to Write Like the Nation’s Top Advocates


1st Oxford $20
450 A-B Moot Court Houston et al. Linda Edwards Legal Writing and Analysis 9780735598508 3rd Aspen $85.00
The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation 9780615361161 19th Harvard Law Review $32.00
203 A Professional Responsibility Brown Martyn & Fox Traversing the Ethical Minefield: Problems, Law, and Professional Responsibility 9780735569621  2nd 2008 Aspen $186.00 
Martyn, Fox & Wendel The Law Governing Lawyers: National Rules, Standards and Statutes 9781454812180  2012-2013 Aspen $43.00 
227A A Property II Reuben-Cooke Dukeminier et al. Property 9780735588998 7th Aspen $187.00
Korngold, Morriss Property Stories 9781599413754 2nd Foundation  $40.00
217 A Remedies Mack  Rendleman Rendleman and Roberts’ Remedies Cases and Materials  9780314264664  8th 2011  West  
252 A Rights of Persons with Disabilities Burgdorf Mark C. Weber Understanding Disability Law 9781422498750 2nd LexisNexis $43.00
Ruth Colker The Law of Disability Discrimination Handbook: Statutes and Regulatory Guidance 9780769858746 7th
LexisNexis $40.00
360 A Service-Learning Practicum & Seminar TBA   TBA        
261 A Special Probs in Crim Law & Crim Pro TBA   TBA        
236 A State & Local Gov't TBA   TBA        
300 A Trial Advocacy Dunham Thomas A. Mauet Trial Techniques  9780735594418 8th Aspen  
currently in its 8th edition; you may use any edition above the 7th
Edward Imwinkelried Evidentiary Foundations 9780769847696 8th Bender $131.00
currently in its 8th edition; you should use the most recent one possible above the 4th
  State v. Burns Case File 9781556812972   NITA  $28.00
  Potter v. Shrackle and the Shrackle Construction Company Case File 9781556818011   NITA  $35.00
209 A Wills & Estates Lee   TBA        

*The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires schools to provide the publisher's suggested retail price (PSRP) for new textbooks. The School of Law does not require students to purchase new textbooks if they can obtain used copies of the required editions. Sources for purchasing used textbooks in-person include other law students, the UDC Bookstore, and Reiters; on-line only sources include,,,, and others.