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In the event your response is YES to any of the following questions, you MUST submit a statement setting forth the details. You may be asked to provide supporting documents or records at a later date.

1. Have you ever been dropped, suspended, warned, placed on scholastic or disciplinary probation, expelled, requested to resign, or allowed to resign in lieu of discipline, from any school (above the elementary school level), college, or university, or otherwise subjected to discipline by any such school or institution, or requested or advised by any such school or institution to discontinue your studies therein? IF YES, you MUST submit a statement. _______ _______
2. Either as an adult or a juvenile, have you ever been cited, arrested, charged or convicted for any violation of any law (except minor traffic violations)? Alcohol or drug related offenses and moving traffic violations are not considered to be minor. IF YES, you MUST submit a statement. _______ _______
3. During the past five years, have you been addicted to, treated for, or counseled concerning the use of any drug, including alcohol? IF YES, you MUST submit a statement. _______ _______
4. During the past five years, have you voluntarily entered or been involuntarily admitted to an institution for treatment of a mental, emotional or nervous disorder or condition? IF YES, you MUST submit a statement. _______ _______
5. Have you ever been delinquent in any financial obligations, including student loans and credit cards? IF YES, you MUST submit a statement. _______ _______
6. Have you ever been a party in any civil proceeding (including landlord/tenant and bankruptcy matters) or family law matter (including continuing orders for child support)? IF YES, you MUST submit a statement. _______ _______






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