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Student Practice

Several of UDC-DCSL's legal clinics provide students an opportunity to practice in court under the supervision of a clinical supervisor. Before a student may practice, however, he or she must be approved for student practice by the DC Court of Appeals.

In order to be approved, a student must have successfully completed 41 course credits, including Evidence, Criminal Procedure, and Civil Procedure; be certified by the Registrar; and have his or her application approved by the DC Court of Appeals' Committee on Admissions.

A student approved for practice in a prior clinic should check that his or her one-year certification will cover the entire time period of the subsequent clinic. If so, the student does not need to reapply, but should write a letter to the Committee on Admissions including the student's LS number, the name of the new clinic, and the name of the new supervising attorney.

Before completing the application, please read the following instructions.


  • Complete the Student Practice Application
    • The application must by typed. The PDF copy linked below can be completed on your computer.
    • If you are completing the application prior to receiving your clinic assignment, leave blank the spaces that request the clinic name; you can fill those in later.
    • The information typed on the DEAN'S CERTIFICATION page must be accurate.
    • Use the same date of entry that is on the student transcript.
    • Spell out the name of the school (do not use "UDC").
    • If you answer YES to any question (1 through 6) on page 3 of the application you MUST submit a statement including supporting document or records setting forth the details.
  • Submit your completed application to the Registrar (Suite 212, Building 52) for certification.
    • The Registrar cannot certify your application if all requirements are not met. Therefore, you may have to wait until the current semester's grades are recorded. This unavoidable delay makes it imperative that every other component of the application be completed so it can be submitted to the court as soon as it is certified.
  • Once the Registrar returns your certified application, you must enter the name of your clinic and the name of your supervising attorney and his/her phone number on page 1 of the application.
  • Your supervisor must enter his/her name and DC Bar Number and e-mail address on page 2.
  • The form must be notarized before it is submitted to the Committee on Admissions. Jordana Arias, Office Assistant for the Clinic Program can notarize your form.

The processing time is approximately ten business days. If you wish to check the status of your application you must do so through your Supervising Attorney. All correspondence will be addressed to the Supervising Attorney listed on the application. Students should NOT contact the Committee on Admissions for status updates. An identification card bearing your assigned Law Student Number signifying that you are a registered participant in the Rule 48 Legal Assistance by Law Students Program will be mailed to the Supervising Attorney of your clinical programs. 


Note: The application is provided in PDF format with form fields. You should save the application to your computer before beginning your form entries. Please note that, depending on your PDF software, you may not be able to save entries once you close the document. Thus, you should test your ability to save entries before completing the entire application. If you cannot save entries, you will need to complete the application in one sitting and print an extra copy for your records.

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