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Registration: Upper Level Full-time and Part-time Students

Welcome to FALL 2015 ON-LINE Registration for Upper Level Full-Time and Evening students at the David A. Clarke School of Law.

Please read carefully the following instructions and gather all required documents before proceeding to myUDC.




Eligible students are required to take clinic.  Once assignments have been made, students will receive an email notification.  Students will be enrolled into the assigned clinic by the Registrar’s Offices, based on the results of the lottery.  Clinic is required for students in the Class of 2016, unless you have received permission from Dean Morin to defer, or you were enrolled in Clinic II during the Summer 2015 term.  If you have questions regarding your clinic assignment, please contact Assoc. Dean Jonathan Smith (

Please do not enroll in more than 10 credits, so that clinic can be added to your schedule.  If you wish to exceed the credit limits for the semester, you must request permission after clinic has been added.

Clinic is offered for matriculating UDC-DCSL students ONLY.




Effective immediately, the clinical portfolio can be comprised of two pieces (instead of three).  Each piece must be derived from a different clinic.  For additional information, please refer to the newly revised Handbook.

Advanced Legal Writing is a course option for satisfying the research paper requirement for graduation.  Moot Court is a strictly enforced prerequisite for ALW.  Spaces are limited, so refer to the Handbook for other options, if needed. 



Members of the Class of 2016 (FT and PT) have on-line registration preference beginning Wednesday, July 8, 2015 at 12:01 am.

Second year, advanced part-time and unregistered third year students can complete on-line registration beginning Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at 12:01 am

On-line registration closes on August 7, 2015 at 11:59 pm.

If you do not complete on-line registration, you must register in person by completing the On-Site & Late Registration Form (pdf) and reporting to the Registrar’s Office (Room 212, Bldg. 52) on Monday, August 24, 2015.

  • All students should consult the Student Handbook for the recommended sequencing for each semester’s course enrollment and the listing of courses offered for the Spring 2016 semester. 

    For members of the Class of 2016, a degree audit is MANDATORY prior to registration for the Spring 2016 semester. There will be an opportunity to conduct a one-on-one degree audit with the Registrar before Spring 2016 registration.  Additional information will follow.

  • Day/Full-time students must take a minimum of 10 credits and may take a maximum of 17 credit hours during the semester.  Evening/Part-time students must take a minimum of 7 credits and may take a maximum of 11 credit hours during the semester.  The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs may waive these limits, if there are extenuating circumstances.  Students must complete the Permission to Exceed Term Credit Limit Form (pdf) and contact Dean Morin for approval.  

    If approved, you must submit the completed form to the Registrar’s Office, indicating what course(s) to be added to your schedule.

Please note curriculum change for column courses:

The three columns of “required electives” have been merged into one list.  Effective immediately, enrolled students must successfully complete any three courses from the list.  

  • Some courses have limited enrollment. The Full-Time and Part-Time Class of 2016 will have enrollment preference until 11:59 pm on July 15. If a limited enrollment course closes, you may email the Registrar's Office ( or and ask to be placed on the wait list. You will be notified if space becomes available during the Add/Drop period.

  • Students who are involved in Law Review should enroll in the appropriate course(s) as will be listed during registration for Spring 2016. Adjustments may be made by the Registrar to the final credits awarded, if applicable.

  • For Moot Court, all students may enroll tentatively in any of the available sections.  Please check your schedule before classes begin and before purchasing books to confirm your final section assignment. Section assignments may be adjusted by the administration, as needed.

    Classes not meeting minimum enrollment requirements are subject to cancellation.

  • Please note that course prerequisites must be successfully completed prior to registering for the subsequent course.

  • Please refer to the Student Handbook regarding auditing courses and registration for Independent Study, Elective and Independent Clinics. Forms are available in the Registrar’s Office and on-line. These forms must be completed and returned to the Registrar’s Office by the end of the Add/Drop period.  The Registrar will enroll students in these courses.

  • You must complete all steps of the registration process, including payment of your bill and/or disbursement of your financial aid, by Monday, August 24, 2015, or your course selections may be cancelled by the University. If your course selections are cancelled and you wish to re-select, you must see the Registrar. You will be required to complete the On-Site & Late Registration Form (pdf) and pay the late registration fee ($150). Registration for the Fall 2015 semester ends on September 4, 2015

  • Please review the Academic Calendar (pdf) for important dates!



If there is a hold on your record, please use the following steps to view it:

  1. Type into the address bar of your browser, go directly to Self-Service Banner, then click the ‘myUDC’ (Log-in Required) link.
  2. Enter your User ID, N********, and your PIN.
    If your account gets locked out, you will need to contact the IT Help Desk: or Building 41, Room 316 or at 202.274.5941 for assistance.
  3. Once in the system: (1) On the Main Menu, click Student (2) On the Student page, click Student Records (3) On the Student Records page, click View Holds.

The View Holds page will show you the hold, provide the reason and give the department it originated from. If you have questions concerning the hold or need to take steps to have it removed, please contact the department from which it originated.  A student accounts hold requires that the outstanding balance be paid in full on line or at the cashier's office.  

The student must then contact Associate Dean William Nelson ( to have the hold released.

Please note that financial aid recipients must register on-line by August 1, 2015, in order to receive their disbursements on time.

If you wish to enroll into the 1 credit Practicum, the Practicum Permission Form must be completed, approved and submitted to the Registrar’s Office.  Concurrent enrollment in State & Local Government is required. The Registrar’s office will enroll you.


  • Finally, before proceeding to On-line Registration, you will need your myUDC Login ID (your “N” number) and Password (the pin you created after initially logging in).


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