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Registration: First Year Full-time & Part-time Students

Welcome to Fall 2017 Registration for the Classes of 2020 (FT/Day) and 2021 (PT/Evening) at UDC David A. Clarke School of Law.

1. General Instructions


First year courses are required and prescribed. Using the instructions and CRNs (course registration numbers) below, please enroll yourself in the appropriate courses pursuant to your admitted division.

Please note: first year students are not permitted to “cross enroll” between day and evening courses. Do not enroll in any course which is not listed below. During the orientation period, students will be divided into smaller sections of Lawyering Process I and Legal Research.

Once you are registered, the School of Law's administrative offices, including the Registrar and Office of Financial Aid, will send all communications to your UDC email account. You can create a 'forward' rule in your UDC account so that emails are forwarded to a private email account, but you are responsible for ensuring that the forward is working, and that you are receiving and reading emails from School of Law staff.

Please include your Student ID Number (N#) in all communications with School of Law offices.

Students should refer to the 2017-18 Academic Calendar for important dates and consult the Student Handbook, Vol. 1 for rules about course enrollment. The revised Handbook for 2017-18 will be posted by the end of August.

2. On-line Registration Instructions

  1. Type into the address bar of your browser
  2. Your Username is: the first half of your UDC email address (everything before the “@” symbol, e.g. john.doe)
  3. Your Password is:
    • if this is your first time logging in, your password is your Student ID Number, which begins with N
    • if you have accessed the site previously, your password is the one you selected the first time you logged in
  4. If your log-in does not work, you will need to contact the UDC IT Help Desk at or Building 41, Room 316 or 202.274.5941 for assistance.
  5. Once in the system, you should see different tabs across the top of your myUDC student portal. All information pertaining to registration and your student account may be found under the Academics tab. Click the registration menu link.
  6. Use the CRNs (course registration numbers) below to register for the courses in your admitted division. Do not mix day and evening courses or enroll in any courses not listed below.
Full-Time/Day Division

Select section A for Lawyering Process I and section A for Legal Research. Include the 1L Lab (0 credits). As a full-time student, you should be enrolled in a total of 16 credits for the Fall 2017 semester, unless you are in the Jump Start Program. If you took Criminal Law during the summer, do not re-enroll.

Course Title Course# Sect. Credits Instructors CRN
Lawyering Process I L100 A 2.00 Snow et al. 14479
Legal Research L100R A 1.00 Snow et al. 14485
Torts I (Day) L101A A 3.00 Mack 14472
Civil Procedure I L102 A 3.00 Cohen 14473
Criminal Law (Day) L103 A 3.00 Pryor 14477
Contracts I (Day) L104 A 3.00 Toussaint/Lainez 14476
Law & Justice (Day) L106 A 1.00 Cahn 14518
1L Lab (Day) LLAB A 0.00 Johnson 14481


Part-Time/Evening Division

Select section F for Lawyering Process I and for Legal Research. Include the 1L Lab (0 credits). As a part-time student, you should be enrolled in a total of 10 credits for the Fall 2017 semester, unless you are in the Jump Start Program. If you took Criminal Law during the summer, do not re-enroll.

Course Title Course# Sect. Credits Instructors CRN
Lawyering Process I L100 F 2.00 Snow et al. 14480
Legal Research L100R F 1.00 Snow et al. 14486
Civil Procedure I (Evening) L102 B 3.00 Fraidin 14474
Criminal Law (Evening) L103 B 3.00 Ferguson 14478
Law & Justice (Evening) L106 B 1.00 Cahn 14519
1L Lab (Evening) LLAB B 0.00 Keller 14482


If, due to extenuating circumstances, you are not able to complete on-line registration, you must contact the Registrar's Office ( to obtain permission to register in person. If permitted, complete the On-Site & Late Registration Form (pdf) and report to the Registrar's office (Room 212, Bldg. 52) on Monday, August 10, 2017.

3. Holds, Financial Aid & Billing

Any hold on your record must resolved before registration can occur. If you are age 26 or younger, please submit the required immunization records to University Health Services via the Student Health Portal at (First time users of the Health Portal must register their account. When registering your Health Portal account, your Username is your Student ID number (N#). Date of birth format is XX/XX/XXXX. Enter UDC email only [make sure email has been activated]. Call 202-274-5030 for log-in assistance.)

All students are required to have health insurance coverage and will be charged the annual premium for the University-sponsored health insurance plan ($1,090 for 2017-18) unless the coverage is waived by the University's deadline. Additional information and instructions for waiving University-sponsored coverage can be found on the First Student site for UDC. Please note that students must be enrolled in courses for 48 hours before the system will accept a waiver request. A waiver, if applicable, must be requested at the beginning of each academic year enrolled.

You must complete all steps of the registration process, including payment of your bill and/or disbursement of your financial aid, by Monday, August 21, 2017, or your course selections may be canceled by the University. If your course selections are canceled and you wish to re-select, you must see the Registrar. You will be required to complete the On-Site & Late Registration Form (pdf) and pay the late registration fee ($150). Registration for the Fall 2017 semester ends on September 1, 2017.


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