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Burgdorf Publications



          1.       The Legal Rights of Handicapped Persons: Cases, Materials, and Text (Paul Brookes Publishing Co., 1980) (first law school casebook on the subject).

          2.       The Legal Rights of Handicapped Persons: 1983 Supplement (Paul Brookes Publishing Co., 1983) (with Spicer).

          3.       Disability Discrimination in Employment Law (Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) 1995) (legal treatise).

Monographs and Reports

          1.       Developmental Disabilities Protection and Advocacy Systems Telecommunications Network Plan (Developmental Disabilities Law Project, 1981) (with Musgrave and Falcon).

          2.       Accommodating the Spectrum of Individual Abilities (U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 1983) (with Bell).

          3.       Toward Independence (National Council on the Handicapped, 1986) (staff author for Council).

          4.       Implications for Federal Policy of the 1986 Harris Survey of Americans with Disabilities (National Council on Disability, 1988).

          5.       Assisted Suicide (National Council on Disability, 1997).

          6.       Promises to Keep: A Decade of Federal Enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act (National Council on Disability, 2000) (contributing writer, and general editor for Council).

          7.       Supreme Court Decisions Interpreting the Americans with Disabilities Act, at:  (National Council on Disability).

          8.       Policy Brief Series: Righting the ADA Papers, at:  (National Council on Disability) (papers numbered 1 through 5, and 11 through 19).

          9.       Righting the ADA (National Council on Disability, 2004).

          10.     A Promising Start: Preliminary Analysis of Court Decisions under the ADA Amendments Act (National Council on Disability, 2013), posted on the NCD website at

Law Review and Journal Articles

          1.       Ill Effects of a Well-Intentioned Law: The Rights of the Handicapped Overlooked, 3 New Dimensions in Legislation 54 (1972).

          2.       A History of Unequal Treatment: The Qualifications of Handicapped People as a "Suspect Class" Under the Equal Protection Clause, 15 Santa Clara Lawyer 855 (1975) (with M. Burgdorf).

          3.       The Doctrine of the Least Restrictive Alternative, 4 Leadership Series in Special Education 143 (Johnson, Weatherman, and Rehmann, eds. 1975).

          4.       The Wicked Witch Is Almost Dead: Buck v. Bell and the Sterilization of Handicapped Persons, 50 Temple Law Quarterly 995 (1977) (with M. Burgdorf).

          5.       Just Unmarried, 4 Family Advocate 20 (Summer Humor Issue, 1981).

          6.       Eliminating Discrimination Against Physically and Mentally Handicapped Persons: A Statutory Blueprint, 8 Mental and Physical Disability Law Reporter 64 (No. 1, 1984) (with Bell).

          7.       The Americans with Disabilities Act: Analysis and Implications of a Second-Generation Civil Rights Statute, 26 Harvard Civil Rights - Civil Liberties Law Review 413 (1991).

          8.       "Equal Members of the Community": The Public Accommodations Provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, 64 Temple Law Review 551 (1991).

          9.       "Substantially Limited" Protection from Disability Discrimination: The Special Treatment Model and Misconstructions of the Definition of Disability, 42 Villanova Law Review 409 (1997).

          10.     The Americans with Disabilities Act in an International Context, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Civil Rights Journal (Fall 1998).

        11.     Restoring the ADA and Beyond: Disability in the 21st Century, 13 Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights 241 (2008).

        12.     Long Overdue Reform of D.C.’s Antediluvian Developmental Disabilities Law: From Forest Haven to the 21st Century, 13 U.D.C. L. Rev. 249 (2010).

Chapters of Books

          1.       Legal Rights: Constitutional and Statutory, Chapter 3 of The Hearing Impaired Mentally Retarded Recommendations for Action, American Speech and Hearing Association (1975).

          2.       Access to Opportunity, Chapter 24 of Issues in the Classification of Children, Jossey-Bass (N. Hobbs, ed., 1975) (with Abeson, Casey, Kunz, and McNeil).

          3.       The Legal Rights of Mentally Retarded Offenders: Some Underlying Issues, The Mentally Retarded Citizen and the Criminal Justice System 233 (Santamour, ed., 1976).

          4.       The Law, Chapter 7 of Interdisciplinary Approaches to Human Services, University Park Press (Valletutti and Christoplos, eds., 1977) (with M. Burgdorf).

          5.       The Least Restrictive Alternative Requirement: Legal and Administrative Considerations, Section B-2 of Perspectives on Implementation of the "Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975", The Council of the Great City Schools (Johnson and Kowalski, eds. 1977) (with Riley).

          6.       Overview of Three New Federal Statutes Giving Rights to Mentally Disabled Persons, 1 Legal Rights of Mentally Disabled Persons 47, Practising Law Institute (1979), reprinted in 17 P.L.I. News, No. 21 (Mar. 5, 1980).

          7.       Handbook on the Relationship Between Section 504 and P.L. 94-142, produced under contract with the Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, Chapters 5-25 (1981) (with Musgrave and Spicer).

          8.       Foreword to Haavik and Menninger, Sexuality, Law, and the Developmentally Disabled Person, Paul Brookes Publishing Co. (1981).

          9.       Legal Rights, Chapter 5 of Advocacy in Residential Programs, Research and Training Center in Mental Retardation (Aiken and Rude, eds., 1982).

          10.     Applicability of Traditional Civil Rights Analysis to Handicap Discrimination Cases, Effective Representation Under the Rehabilitation Act 41, Paralyzed Veterans of America (1984).

          11.     Second Wind: The Disability Rights Movement Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, New Horizons Under the Rehabilitation Act 3, Paralyzed Veterans of America (1985).

          12.     Communication Technology, People with Disabilities, and the Law, Paper No. 13, Annenberg Washington Program in Communications Policy Studies (1986).

          13.     Chapters on Equal Opportunity Laws (pp. 19-44) and Housing (pp. 71-76) of On the Threshold of Independence, National Council on the Handicapped (A. Farbman, ed., 1988).

          14.     One Nation Indivisible: The Civil Rights Challenge for the 1990s, Citizens Commission on Civil Rights (1989) (edited chapters on disability rights issues in employment, housing, education, AIDS, Health and Human Services, etc.). 

          15.     Chapter I -- History -- and Chapter IV -- Legal Analysis -- of Bureau of National Affairs, The Americans with Disabilities Act: A Practical and Legal Guide to Impact, Enforcement, and Compliance (1990).

          16.     Equal Access to Public Accommodations (pp. 183-213) in Milbank Memorial Fund, The Americans with Disabilities Act: From Policy to Practice (West, ed., 1991), reprinted in 69 Milbank Quarterly 183 (1991).

Papers, News Articles, Pamphlets, and Other Publications

          1.       Client Rights in the Comprehensive Evaluation Process, Rehab Group, Inc. (pamphlet, 1982).

          2.       Fighting for Access to the Arts, The Washington Post (June 4, 1985) p. B5.

          3.       Gas Leak Causes W. Va. Emergency, The Washington Post (August 12, 1985) (as special correspondent, with Thornton).

          4.       Changes in the Workforce, Changes in the Workplace: Employment Policy and People with Disabilities, paper developed for the National Commission for Employment Policy in preparation of its report A Changing Nation -- Its Changing Labor Force (1991) (see p. 18 n. 36).

          5.       Compliance Checklist for Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Americans with Disabilities Act Manual 20:0051 (Bureau of National Affairs, 1992).

          6.       Compliance Checklist for Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Americans with Disabilities Act Manual 30:0051 (Bureau of National Affairs, 1992).

          7.       Reasonable Accommodation in Disability Nondiscrimination Law in the United States of America, paper delivered at a meeting of the EU Group of Legal Experts on Combatting Discrimination on Grounds of Disability -- November 14, 2003.

          8.       Entry on Americans with Disabilities Act (United States) in the Encyclopedia of Disability (Albrecht, ed.,), vol. 1, pp. 93-101 (Sage Publications, 2006).

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