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OCPD Reciprocity Policy

UDC School of Law students and graduates who are looking for positions outside of Washington DC area may want to consider using law schools in their target area as a resource. Most law schools have established policies that allow law schools to provide reasonable access to their career resources for students and graduates from other law schools that agree to provide similar services ("reciprocity").

It is important to understand that each law school has its own reciprocity requirements. If reciprocity is granted, students/graduates should be sure to read and honor the reciprocity policy of the host school. See NALP for a list of reciprocity policies or look at the school's own website. Please note that many schools have regional agreements through which you may be able to access only one school in that area. In metropolitan DC, law students and graduates are not permitted to use the resources of other area law schools.

University of the District of Columbia
David A. Clarke School of Law
Reciprocity Policy Summary

Name of School: University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clarke School of Law
Name of Contact: Adrienne Jones
Title: Acting Director, Office of Career and Professional Development
Phone: 202-274-5582
Fax: 202-274-5583

It is the policy of the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law (UDC-DCSL) to make available the facilities and services of its Office for Career and Professional Development (OCPD) to current students and graduates of other law schools providing that the requesting law school offers similar reciprocity privileges to UDC students and graduates.

Requests for reciprocity must be made in writing by a placement or career services official from the requesting law school, certifying the status of the student or graduate, and the availability of reciprocal services for UDC students and graduates. A copy of the reciprocity policy of the requesting law school should be included with the request.

Requests should be emailed at least one week in advance of the anticipated visit. No walk-in requests will be honored.

Ms. Jones will notify the requesting law school official whether or not reciprocity has been granted. It will be the responsibility of the requesting school to notify its student or graduate.

Individuals granted reciprocity must call and schedule an appointment before visiting the career services office. Because of the small size of the school, it is advisable to confirm the appointment at least a day in advance.

Reciprocity is available year-round.

Services available can include:

  • Handout materials
  • Current vacancy announcements through our database
  • Attendance at certain career service programs and workshops
  • Use of resource publications and directories in the library

Students and graduates of other schools will not be permitted to schedule on-campus interview appointments with prospective employers, participate in off-campus job fairs, or use on-line databases.

Note for UDC Law Students and Graduates: Reciprocity is not permitted with any other DC area law school including American, Catholic, Georgetown, George Mason, George Washington and Howard.

Updated: October 1, 2015

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