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Laptop Support
UDC-DCSL students are required to obtain laptop computers to facilitate their coursework. These laptops are configured for printing and wireless internet access by the Law Library’s IT department during Orientation.

If a UDC-DSCL student is having trouble getting on the internet or sending files to the school's printers, the student should bring his or her laptop (with power cord) to the Law Library Circulation Desk and fill out a Request for Service form. The student may be asked to leave his or her laptop for several hours or overnight; the student can ask the person working at the Circulation Desk for an estimate of how long it might take.

If a UDC-DCSL student is having laptop trouble that is not related to the School's network, the student can ask the School of Law's IT staff to investigate the problem as a courtesy, but the staff may decline either before or after looking at the laptop. Students are encouraged to purchase an extended service warranty, preferably with next-day or on-site service because the School of Law does not have a loaner laptop program.

Students are encouraged to regularly back up the files on their laptop computers, and are solely responsible for the integrity of their files. If you would like to discuss methods for backing up your computer, please make an appointment with the Network Administrator or Technical Support Specialist by contacting

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