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Applying for Financial Aid

Students must apply annually for financial assistance.

Instructions for individuals applying for admission or just admitted to the School of Law (Entering students) appear below. Continuing students will receive financial aid instructions and applications in their campus mailboxes and via e-mail.


Required for Entering Students


Complete the FAFSA on-line at Be sure to use UDC-DCSL's FAFSA code -- B08083. As long as our code is listed on your application it will be transmitted to the School of Law electronically.


  1. All students must complete the UDC-DCSL Financial Aid Application annually.
  2. Students who plan to borrow a Grad PLUS Loan must complete the Grad PLUS Credit Check Authorization Form.
  3. All students must complete the UDC-DCSL Title IV Authorization Release for Non-Institutional Charges Form.

These forms can be found on the Financial Aid Forms page. Submit the forms to the Office of Financial Aid by mail or fax. 

Deadline for priority consideration: March 1st for new admits. (Late admits: within 2 weeks of acceptance or seat deposit.)

The Office of Financial Aid will notify you via e-mail once your financial aid package has been computed.

Optional for Entering Students


In addition to the above items, applicants for need based are required to complete the NEED ACCESS Scholarship Application available on-line from the Access Group.

The Need Access application is required ONLY if you are applying for a need-based scholarship.

Applicants aged 30 and younger must complete the parent information section of the application, unless they receive a waiver from the Office of Financial Aid as described below.

Applying for Waiver of Need Access Parent Information Requirement for Independent Students Age 30 and Younger

To apply for institutional aid as an independent student, you must apply for exception to the parental information requirement. Documentation that parents cannot or will not provide financial assistance should be forwarded to the UDC-DCSL Office of Financial Aid. DO NOT FORWARD THE DOCUMENTATION TO NEED ACCESS. The following are some examples of documentation:

  1. Copy of first page of BOTH parents' tax return(s) for the previous calendar year;
  2. Notarized statement signed by both parents, indicating that you are not a dependent and will not be claimed by them in the future;
  3. Statement, signed by both parents, indicating the amount of support, if any, they plan to provide towards your education during the upcoming academic year;
  4. Further documentation of independent status, such as:
    • documentation that your parents have not claimed you as a dependent in previous years,
    • documentation that you have been and are living away from your parents and have been supporting yourself for a number of years,
    • other compelling documentation that your parents are either unable or unwilling to provide financial support.

NOTE: Please provide as much documentation as possible to prove that you are in fact independent. One item (such as copy of parents' tax return showing that you are not claimed by them) may not be enough to prove your case.


The Advocate for Justice Scholarship application must be submitted by May 15. No application is required for the first-year Merit Scholarships listed below. The awards are based on the information in the application for admission.

  • The Mason Civil Rights Scholar Awards
  • Legal Scholar Awards
  • Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Scholarship 
  • Joseph L. Rauh Scholarship


Work-study awards are not included in students' initial Financial Aid award notifications. Instead, students may sign up for Work-Study in the Office of Financial Aid during the month of August. Once they have been placed in jobs and completed the proper paperwork to be entered on the payroll, work-study students may begin working October 1.

First-year students are limited to participation in the on-campus Institutional Work-Study (IWS) program. Work-study students submit bi-weekly timesheets to the law school and are paid bi-weekly.

Preliminary work-study awards are the lesser of $2,000 or the amount of the student's unmet financial need after all other aid has been subtracted from his/her net financial need.

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