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2012 Exams

The list below contains all of the courses that used the Exam4 software during the final exam period.  Please look at the verification page for each of your courses and be sure that the "Printed" box next to your name reads YES.  If the box is blank, we have not received an exam from you in this particular course.

Instruction on how to resubmit exams can be found below.  Please note that the resubmission instructions are different if you are on-campus or off-campus.

If you are resubmitting an exam under the "Other Exam" A or B offerings, you will need to send an email to informing us of which class this submission is for.  The email will need to include your exam ID number so we know which "Other Exam" to match with which class. 

The Print Date in the upper right corner of the page represents the day the list was last updated.  Each class list will be updated any time we receive an electronic exam submission in that particular class.  If there are no outstanding exams in a course, the date will reflect the day we received the last exam submission in that course. 

If you believe you submitted an exam but do not see that we have printed an exam, you need to contact us at


Friday April 27th

Remedies - Mack

Property II  Reuben-Cooke - Night section


Monday April 30th

Crim Pro - Pryor - Day Section

Con Law - Waysdorf - Day section

Bankruptcy - Snyder

Crim Pro - Ferguson - Night section


Tuesday May 1st

Prof. Resp. - Alexander

Federal Courts - Jones

UCC - Mercer


Wednesday May 2nd

Contracts II - Mawakana -  Day section

Property II - Brown - Day section

Property II - Rueben-Cooke - Day section

Wills & Estates - Lee


Thursday May 3rd

Contracts II - Alexander - Night section

Con Law II - Mack - Night section


Friday May 4th

Torts II - Howells

Bus Org II - Rogers

Tax Practice - Pomerance


Monday May 7th

Torts II - Brittain - Night section


Tuesday May 8th

Civ Pro II - Allen

Civ Pro II - Brittain



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